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Osteopathic reduction PNF Professional Stretching Therapy

Osteopathic reduction PNF Professional Stretching Therapy

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The internationally recognized orthopedic doctor and the internationally recognized professional stretcher personally preside over the joint dislocation of the whole body. Through the most effective meridian and muscle combined with physical stretching therapy, the pain point is targeted, the joint dislocation is corrected, and the muscles and nerves in the pain are treated. Decompression, however to achieve the most effective therapeutic effect.

Suitable for people who are:

  • Dowager's Hump, Cervical spine compression, neck tightness, muscle fatigue
  • High and low shoulders, scapular valgus, trapezius muscle pain and arm pain and numbness
  • Hunchback, scoliosis and rounded shoulders
  • Sciatica, piriformis tightness, anteverted pelvis, high and low, and hip flexion
  • O-shaped legs, long and short feet, waist soreness and curvature adjustment orthopedic reduction
  • Lumbar disc herniation and pain

Transient symptoms that may occur after reset stretching

Soreness and fatigue (symptoms may last for 2-5 days). If the dislocation of bones and joints is serious, the symptoms will be more severe after reset (muscles are relieved from spasticity, and waste discharge from muscle memory may cause short-term soreness and fatigue), Relief occurs after a few days.

Precautions before treatment:

  • Do not take painkillers before treatment
  • If you have X-Ray, MAI imaging, please bring it for reference.

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Physiotherapy & Spa Program - Terms and Conditions :

– The offer is only applicable to new customers aged 18 or above

– Each person can only experience one of the above offers once

– Please present your ID card to register when enjoying the discount

– All treatments are suitable for male and female new clients

– Once the payment has been processed, there are no refunds

– In case of any dispute, HEALTHY LIFE reserves the right of final decision

– The picture is for reference only, the effect of the treatment varies from person to person

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