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Black Mulberry Longan Wolfberry Tea

Black Mulberry Longan Wolfberry Tea

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Black Mulberry Longan Wolfberry Tea

Material: black mulberry, longan, wolfberry

Efficacy: Invigorate qi and blood, prevent hair loss, moisturize the stomach and clear dryness and heat,

Improve eyesight, nourish liver and kidney, enhance immunity

💰 $78 / 1 bag (10 packs of filter bags)

🍵 Brewing method

1. Take a tea bag and put it in a cup

2. Add 100 degrees hot water

3. Soak for 8-10 minutes

4. Yellow rock sugar can be added according to personal preference

5. Ready to drink 🍵

✅Some scented teas have free yellow rock sugar, which are packaged separately

✅Each bag has 10 packs of filter bag tea bags, which is convenient and hygienic

✅It is recommended to drink during the day

🚫Pregnant women should not use it

🇭🇰Made in Hong Kong

🌟Fresh handmade daily

🌟Make it now

🌟Independent filter bag packaging

🌟No preservatives

🌟Pure natural without additives

🌟Strictly select materials

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